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Kicking-off African Family Reunion on Juneteenth 2015 with ceremony and DNA testing at the United Nations Ark of Return with OTU, UNICEF colleagues, New Future Foundation, and Friends of the African Union.


On June 19, 2015, the Restitution Study Group via its Organization of Tribal Unity (OTU) division, commenced The African Family Reunion — an effort to DNA test African nationals.  These test results are then matched with descendants of enslaved Africans in DNA databases. The goal is unite families separated due to the antebellum slave trade to foster healing and cross-cultural education.

While DNA tests have been able to help descendants of enslaved Africans identify their African ethnic groups, direct connection to actual cousins is novel. 

Tests are being administered to African nationals with African national parents and grandparents on maternal and paternal sides.

#AfricanFamilyReunion Database
Toward the goal of self-repair, on October 1, 2021, we are commencing a search service for descendants of enslaved Africans. Those who have taken the AncestryDNA test can submit the below contact request form. We will search our growing database for an African national DNA cousin match.

Discover your African ethnic groups/tribes, languages, and lands from your DNA cousin. Plan your next trip to Africa to meet your DNA family and experience the homelands your ancestors were stolen from during the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Our first of many reunions was between Willie Wynn and Mohamed Fofanah:

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