Join DNA Descendants Database – Benin Bronze Case

If you have Nigerian DNA from an ancestor enslaved in the Americas (Brazil, Caribbean, USA etc.) via the transatlantic slave trade, then you are a “DNA Descendant.” If you wish to be considered at the ongoing negotiations for shared ownership of the iconic Benin bronzes — our cultural property worth $30 billion — we need a screenshot of your DNA report showing your Nigerian ancestry. Also, include a statement on where in the Americas your ancestor was enslaved. This will help secure inclusion of slave trade origin information in museum displays about the Benin bronzes; and co-ownership, educational and financial benefits for DNA descendants. Email the screenshot and statement to:

Spread the word to your friends, family and social media contacts to join the DNA Descendants database.

Here is recent news about our reparatory justice fight for co-ownership of the Benin bronzes:

New York Post

Daily Telegraph

Here is proof of the Slave Trade Origin of most Benin bronzes (all of the 16th to 19th century bronzes):


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