Restitution Study Group Taking Benin Bronze Story to Cannes – May 25th Screenings

We are proud to announce two Out of Competition screenings of our short film “They Belong to All of Us: The Benin Bronze Slave Trade Story” at the Marche du Film in Cannes, France on May 25th, 2023.

The first screening will be at the International Cellphone Cinema Showcase, 2pm at the Eden Hotel and Spa, Loho Auditorium. Q & A will follow featuring Deadria Farmer-Paellmann, Executive Director of the Restitution Study Group (RSG) and Sheila Camaroti, Germany/Brazil Mobilizer for the RSG — both leaders of the campaign for co-ownership of Benin bronzes for DNA Descendants of the enslaved who paid for the relics with their lives.

The second screening of the day will be at the 8th Annual Cannes Global Short Film Awards Gala and Luxury Fashion Show 2023, May 25th, 7pm at the Carlton Cannes.

“This film is the shocking truth about the iconic Benin bronzes. It belongs in Cannes where it will be seen and inspire brilliant filmmakers to bring the story to the big screen,” says Farmer-Paellmann.

“My ancestors were the first in the 1540’s and last enslaved by the Portuguese until 1888 for the metal used to make the Benin bronzes. This story has been hidden from us. It’s time to tell it!” says Sheila Camaroti.

They Belong to All of Us – The Benin Bronze Slave Trade Story, 6mins 44 sec

Director: Tylon Washington
Executive Producer/Writer: Deadria Farmer-Paellmann

A punitive expedition in 1897 leaves a powerful African kingdom demolished and void of its most precious cultural property — 10,000 iconic relics worth $30 billion in today’s currency. A law student unearths the untold narrative of the Benin bronzes and upends a corrupt repatriation effort. This is the documentary.


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